Jenny Leigh Miller

Jenny Leigh Miller is country.

She loves her country, and proved it by serving in military. She loves to sing country, strumming her self-penned possibly autobiographical odes on her six-string. She loves cars, wide open spaces, boots and true love.

Jenny Leigh Miller is real.

Her songs juxtapose old school country values with 2020 anxiety and angst, and she doesn’t have a phony bone in her body.

And she has a voice. A huge, riveting one, that instantly sends shivers down your spine and draws goosebumps on your neck and arms.

Jenny Leigh Miller can write.

Her lyrics are clever and sassy, she has style and purpose. Her videos have her riding around in Corvettes and tractors, and there’s flags and fun and all the good things.

Miller made a real sacrifice, she signed up and served our country, boots on the ground, or in her case, the hot sand of Iraq.

That approach to life informs her music- it’s honest, and emotional, and it comes with her soaring, stunning voice, in a long, lean blonde package where pure talent battles smart and sexy.

Jenny Leigh Miller is a triple threat, with the pipes, charisma and moves to rival anyone on the world stage.

So far, she’s released a few singles, and videos, opened big shows, and aligned herself with heavy hitters in Music City and the Big Apple, building a fan base everywhere she goes, and loving every minute of it.

For Miller, success is not if, its when.

She is the future of country music.