Jenny Leigh Miller

“In an era where independent, successful women are becoming the norm rather than the exception, Connecticut native Jenny Leigh Miller has no trouble proving she’s earned a spot at the “you go girl” table. After spending her earlier years singing around New England, her interest in world affairs inspired her to enlist in the military. It was through this life-changing experience she found her true calling.” – Behind Nashville

Jenny Leigh Miller is making her big country debut with her playful single “Driving with the Top Down.” Written by Miller, the New England native’s summer-infused track about a girl and her Jeep is a perfect song to get in the mindset to hop in the car, roll your windows down, and get lost in somewhere or someone beautiful.” -Celeb Secrets Country

Jenny Leigh Miller began performing as a child, after her mother discovered her talent. People in Jenny’s hometown began to take notice of her unique, powerful vocals and encouraged Jenny to pursue a career in music. Jenny enjoyed performing however she did not see a reason to pursue a career in the industry, yet.

Jenny learned to play the guitar while she was deployed and served in the military. Jenny’s father shipped a Takamine acoustic to her and she played until her fingers built up enough calluses. After work, Jenny played guitar and performed country music for her peers. The stress had lifted and Jenny realized how healing music and songwriting was to her. She also noticed her audience’s enthusiasm, connecting with them on a deep level. Jenny began writing her own music soon after her tour while attending the University of Connecticut.

In April 2019, Jenny opened the 4th annual Jamfest in Hawkinsville, GA for Southern rock legend bands Doc Holliday, Wet Willie, Jack Pearson band, and Stillwater. She also was selected to play at well known New England festivals, including Sail Fest and Boston Green Fest on the main stages. In December, Jenny performed at Mohegan sun at The Roadhouse, with great reception.

As a veteran, Jenny has a passion and likeness for people who have served and in August she performed for the Yellow Ribbon Fund in Knoxville, TN for a group of wounded heroes. In September she traveled to the Nashville Veteran’s affairs hospital and sang for terminally ill patients. Her song, “American Heart” inspired the service members.

To close out the year, Jenny debuted one of her new songs on WSM Nashville today (Home of the Grand ’Ole Opry) in September and interviewed with Devin O’day.

All of the songs on the American Heart EP were written by Jenny, except for one song, “Rugged Man” which Jenny co-wrote with a Canadian songwriter, Lindsay Czitron. Dave Miller aids in the musical compositions and plays lead guitar in Jenny’s band.

Three new singles have been released on all major platforms and have had great reception at country radio. More music will be released in 2020 and Jenny will be touring the East coast and Nashville debuting her latest music this year.